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What is Schoolies?

Schoolies Week is a celebration of crossing the finish line of high school and being released into the world.

Australians have been celebrating Schoolies Week since the 1980′s! Yes, around the time your parents graduated high school!

However, Schoolies celebrations have now been almost a compulsory Rite of Passage, and so much effort is now put into the schoolies events by groups such as Schoolies Central to make schoolies week the most memorable week of your life…. If you’re expecting the party of a lifetime… You are on track to make it happen! Don’t settle for anything less – Make Schoolies Week a Sure Thing.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably the group organiser for your schoolies group and your friends are relying on you to organise a great trip. That’s why it’s in your hands to make the smart decision and book your trip with Schoolies Central – Don’t let your friends settle for anything less. After 13 years at school, you all deserve an absolutely awesome schoolies week!

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